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Staff Uniforms For The Beauty Industry

Looking for professional beauty uniforms made to last?


From spa & hairdresser uniforms to beauty therapist & beauty salon uniforms, Welborne will have your staff looking and feeling as great as your clients!


Welborne Corporate Image is the prestigious pick for the design and manufacture of corporate workwear and uniforms in every industry – including the ever-popular and growing world of beauty.  The beauty industry is all about making its customers look and feel great, which means beauty staff uniforms need to be professional, elegant, functional and comfortable at an affordable price – and that’s exactly where Welborne comes in!

Hairdresser Uniforms

Being professional may be an attitude, but hairdresser uniforms are a guaranteed way to give the right impression to your clientele. After all, the beauty industry is all about presentation, and Welborne knows the exact balance that hairdressing staff uniforms need to strike between looking stylish and providing functional comfort.

Spa Uniforms

Visiting a spa is all about relaxation and a spruce-up, and the best possible message of calm you can provide to clients is that they’re in great hands with professionals wearing the best spa uniforms. As the owner of a beauty business, you don’t need to worry that your staff aren’t wearing the right styles or quality of workmanship if they’re dressed in beauty staff uniforms designed and made by Welborne.

Beauty Therapist Uniforms

If your salon has the right ambience and great staff, why wouldn’t you also want stylish and top quality uniforms for beauty therapists to complete the picture? Especially in the beauty industry, having beauty staff uniforms that match your level of professionalism and style is very important. The easiest way to ensure you get the best beauty uniforms on your staff is to get in touch with Welborne Corporate Image.

Beauty Salon Uniforms

When every other aspect of your business is perfect, you can’t afford for your beauty salon uniforms to be the weak link. But you can get the best looking and most durable uniforms for beauty salons online at Welborne, with designs and options that are the most professional, comfortable and practical. Not only that, your staff will feel part of the team, enjoy higher morale and motivation, and create the best possible brand identity for your business


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About The Beauty Industry

The $5 billion Australian beauty industry just keeps growing and growing. Aussies want to look and feel better more than ever before, as new markets like services for men emerge and thrive. As of the end of 2017, over 22,000 Australian beauty businesses employed nearly 85,000 Australians, serving its customers’ needs in hairdressing, styling, tanning, relaxation, manicures and more.

The beauty industry is in the business of making its customers look and feel great – so why should it be a different story for the staff?

Welborne offers a combination of looks, style, affordability and practicality that is among the very best in beauty uniforms Australia has ever seen. 100% Aussie owned and run Welborne Corporate Image has designed, made and supplied quality workwear and uniforms since 1969, including to the beauty industry and beyond.

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