Benefits of Investing in Promotional Products for Brand Marketing

Benefits of Investing in Promotional Products for Brand Marketing

Benefits of Investing in Promotional Products for Brand Marketing


Many businesses are cautious about investing in promotional products because they’re initially expensive. But did you know that these hold the highest ROI? They even surpass television, print, and digital advertising. According to a Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) survey, 9 out of 10 customers recalled a brand because of its promotional item. Another study found out that 90% of consumers use at least one promotional product per week.

Read on to understand the immeasurable benefits of promotional products:

1. Builds Brand Awareness

All businesses should try to stand out from the crowd to be considered by consumers. It all begins with building brand awareness, which is defined as familiarity with your distinctive qualities.

“We’re living in a world driven where doughnut shops and fast-food chains release limited-edition merchandise. These are coveted by consumers who identify with the brand. If you can establish a unique persona, those who relate to your persona will be willing to shell out cash for your promotional products.”, remarks Alister Clare, finance associate at Credit Capital.

Additionally, promotional products tend to stay longer in consumers’ hands, increasing their chances of exposure to family, friends, colleagues, etc. Did you know that single promotional outerwear (e.g., a jacket) can generate 6,100 impressions?

2. Gains Customer Loyalty

Most people feel good when they receive something for free. By giving away or selling promotional products, your brand’s position in their purchasing decisions is improved because they feel valued and celebrated by your brand. No other marketing strategy can compete with constructive feedback that promotional merchandise campaigns can generate. It can also be effective in igniting engagement, which, if handled strategically, can make customers market your brand voluntarily.

The key is to remain faithful to your branding guidelines. This way, consumers will be enthralled by the consistency. They will believe that they’ll be able to express themselves better by attaching to your brand.

3. Cost-Efficient Marketing Strategy

You might think that 10,000 pieces of custom face mask are too much for a single campaign. But take note that promotional products have an impressive return of investment (ROI). According to ASI Impressions Study, 51% of consumers appreciate brands that gave them custom face masks. On top of that, one custom face mask creates over 4,000 impressions over its lifetime.

4. Wide Array of Options

You may settle for standard options such as caps, drinkware, tote bags, and customised clothing. However, do not underestimate the power of these everyday things because they can generate thousands of impressions and are kept longer by consumers.

Following the current trend can also help strengthen your brand image. Sustainability, for example, is one of the most talked-about concepts of the decade. Using sustainable materials may earn favourable opinions for your brand.

It’s also a good idea to use items that are related to your industry. For example, if you’re selling technology, consider giving or selling limited-edition USB Drives.

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Article written by Henry Taylor

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