Healthcare Uniforms Australia


Need a trusted brand to deliver quality healthcare uniforms that your staff will love to wear?


Welborne Corporate Image is a trustworthy name when it comes to designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality, affordable and versatile corporate uniforms and workwear for every industry – including the all-important world of health, pharmacy and medicine.


Healthcare uniforms must be comfortable, functional and high performing, so that doctors, dentists, nurses, carers and other professionals can do their all-important jobs at their highest level while looking good as well.


Welborne Corporate Image stocks, designs and makes a huge range of the healthcare uniforms Australia really trusts and loves, so that your brand, services and staff can stand out and work to the best of their abilities – whether at the front desk, in scrubs or in the lab.

Hospital & Nursing Uniforms

We all know how important hospitals are, so it’s crucial that every team is looking as stylish as they are comfortable in their nursing uniforms and scrubs. Hospital workwear needs to be fit for purpose, so that every staff member can do their work in the most efficient way whilst putting the professional image of their employer on display.

Medical & Dental Uniforms Australia

Those working in dental and medical facilities are engaged in work that is both highly responsible and demanding – in an incredibly competitive industry. It means presentation is just as important as safety, function, form, comfort and quality. So be sure you and your brand look the best in quality medical & dental uniforms in Australia from the first appointment until the last. Contact us for the services of dental & hospitality uniforms in Australia.

Pharmacy Uniforms

When customers walk into a pharmacy, they can feel anxious and be reassured by personal service that is professional, trustworthy, sensitive and practised. From the point of view of workwear, that requires uniforms that customers will appreciate and will represent your brand brilliantly – whilst being modern, durable and practical.

Vet Uniforms

People are one thing, but pets are also important to your clients. It’s crucial that you’re looking as caring and professional as you really are, with functional clothing that will look good and foster client loyalty.

Aged care uniforms

Once upon a time, traditional aged care uniforms were basically one size fits all – but no more! At Welborne, we can perfectly match your brand, colours and style to your aged care working environment, ensuring staff are doing their jobs to the best of their ability and residents are relaxed and ‘at home

Popular Healthcare Uniforms

About the Healthcare Industry

It goes without saying that Australia’s $140 billion health care industry is crucial not only to the wellbeing of the population it serves, but to the economy as well.

As the population ages and demand increases, the sector only gets stronger for its more than 800,000 staff and 115,000 businesses – and Welborne Corporate Image is proud to be along for the ride with healthcare uniforms that combine looks, style, affordability, quality and practicality.

The healthcare industry is all about care, comfort and professionalism, so healthcare staff uniforms must be designed and made specifically to meet the needs of men and women in a diverse range of jobs – from hospitals, aged care centres, dental clinics, chemists, surgeries and more.

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