Hi-Vis Dye Sublimation


Hi-Vis Dye Sublimation

Hi-Vis workwear has become the ‘norm’ for anyone whose job requires them to be highly visible. It doesn’t matter whether you are a tradie, warehouse personal or traffic controller, if you need to remain visible then your uniform must meet the legislative requirements, that ensure your safety whilst on the job.

Until recently, there have been limited garments available that meet the Australian safety requirements; however the development of hi-vis dye for dye sublimation has changed this.  Specialised inks are now available for dye-sublimation that meets the class D certification standard AS/NZS 1906.4:2010.

What does this mean for your uniform branding?

It means that you are able to have a fully customised uniform that meets Australian Safety Standards; you are not restricted to using the same off the shelf designs like every other company.  The uniform your staff wears, becomes part of your corporate identity, a well-designed safety uniform that co-ordinates with your uniform image, sends a clear message to customers and public alike.

Why have custom sublimated hi-vis workwear?

Brand Identity – your staff are easily recognised by customers and the public alike. It allows you to portray a unified identity, building trust with your customers through professionalism.

Professional Image – first impressions are important as they can influence how a customer interacts with your business. A uniform raises the public perception of your business, your staff will be seen to be the experts in their field, along with this comes trust and credibility, in the mind of the customer.

Working Mindset – businesses that have a company uniform not only present a good image but also help their people transition into a working mindset. Having a standard uniform that you wear to work is known to subconsciously prepare your mind for the work day/night ahead, and therefore result in higher production levels.

Employee Unity – A company uniform creates a sense of belonging, which in turn builds a stronger more unified team. This sense of community within a workforce is often valued, creating improved performance.

Free Advertising – A recognisable uniform can act as effective marketing for your business. It is important to ensure that your logo is clear, and the advantage of dye-sublimation is that the design is completely customisable, therefore you are able to incorporate slogans, symbols or any other recognisable element into the design of the garment.

If you would like to find out more about hi-vis sublimation please contact the uniform wholesalers Australia team at Welborne Corporate Image phone 07 3267 2828

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