Look No Further Than Welborne Corporate Image For Wholesale Aged Care Uniforms.

Look No Further Than Welborne Corporate Image For Wholesale Aged Care Uniforms.

Caring for the sick and elderly is an essential service. Whether you are caring for someone at their residence or working in a hospice, the service and care remain the same. Healthcare workers work long shifts and usually need to change their clothes once or twice during their shift. Aged care uniforms distinguish staff as the helping hand and make it easier for those in need to recognise who their assistance is. The appearance should be soft, and the design should be functional with pockets to store essential items to care for patients. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is messy, and many workers have experienced being covered in fluids that one typically does not want to be covered in. Therefore, uniforms need to be made in easily cleaned fabrics to ens ure proper hygiene and sanitation and save time required for caring for patients. Generally, healthcare providers wear scrubs or similar attire that is comfortable, stylish and professional.

Creating A Better Life For The Elderly

Healthcare workers are not only there for the medical well-being of patients. Aged care workers are a friend and a hand to hold when someone is not coping well. In addition, they are someone’s feet when they can’t walk and eyes when they cannot see. Nurses in aged care help in many ways to procure an environment of social interaction which significantly improves the mental and emotional health of their patients. Also, nurses are a source of encouragement, affirmation and consistency to their patients, and their presence in care facilities changes the atmosphere to tangible love, compassion, and care. Since aged care workers have a demanding job, their uniforms need to be durable, functional, and comfortable to perform at their best.


Although aged care workers work with the elderly, they are still in the public eye and should dress professionally and in regulation uniforms. At the end of the day, health care workers need to conduct themselves professionally, no matter how informal the setting may be. This includes their uniform and how they conduct themselves while representing their company. In addition to uniforms, healthcare workers need to have appropriate personal protective equipment, such as aprons, gloves, and coveralls, to protect their clothes, health, and those they care for.

Caring for the elderly is a lot easier with Welborne Corporate Image aged care uniforms. Contact us today to learn more about our products or speak to our friendly staff about our aged care uniform line.

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