Hospitality Uniforms

Australian’s just love to dine out, a cup of coffee with friends, beer with a mate or that fine dining experience with the extended family. Restaurants to cafes, clubs to pubs, and these venues across Australia have become integral part of our culture; as such it is essential that all venues invest in the right hospitality uniform for their needs. In Australia hospitality uniforms is now a major part of creating a successful brand image for your venue, therefore our experts recommend that they are well thought out, professional and functional. This ensures that your hospitality uniform is an extension of your branding giving a clear representation of your venue and the image you want to portray to the public.

Things to consider when you are looking at new Hospitality Uniforms Australia

A well designed hospitality uniform needs to not only look amazing but be functional, standing up to the demands required of serving customers with ease. Remember hospitality staff are on their feet for long periods of time, a good hospitality uniform shouldn’t be a cause for discomfort. If your hospitality staff are comfortable in their uniform they will look good at the end of shift, remaining professional.

Aprons with pockets should be an essential part of all hospitality uniforms, the pockets allow for your staff to remain hands free while storing the essentials of the job, be it an ipad, notebook or pen.

When your staff are confident and part of the team they wear their hospitality uniform with pride. This pride can in turn increase their customer service and productivity levels, resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction and return patronage.

Hospitality uniforms are and investment that strengthen the business branding, they should improve your employee appearance while bringing a level of functionality. The presentation of your staff are often the first impression a customer has of your business and a well-designed hospitality uniform can leave a lasting impression. If you would like to discuss your hospitality uniforms today please contact the team at Welborne Corporate image