Things To Consider When Choosing Corporate Wear In Brisbane

Things To Consider When Choosing Corporate Wear In Brisbane

Finding the perfect corporate wear in Brisbane that reflects your professionalism and represents your brand goes a lot further than simply looking good. Sure, it certainly makes a good impression when you take pride in your appearance, but there are many other factors to account for when choosing a uniform for yourself or your employees.

Here at Welborne Corporate Uniforms, we want to help you discover your unique image with top of the range, Australian made attire that ultimately sets you apart in your industry. After all, a company that is represented well is a company that people want to invest in!

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Company Uniforms.

Since we know that looking good is only a portion of the equation to improving brand perception and overall customer interest, you may want to take some time to discover with us the other aspects of finding the perfect corporate wear for your business.

  1. Uniform practicality – are your employees able to carry out their duties comfortably in the uniforms you supply them with? Staff who feel proud in their work attire will be more motivated to work and feel more encouraged to go the extra mile for their employer. In addition, ensure you prioritise all the necessary PPE to keep your staff safe in the workplace.
  2. Logo size and location – are you pushing the envelope for brand recognition, or would you like a more subtle appearance on your workwear? Are you interested in having your brand advertised at all? Determining the purpose behind your workwear is key to deciding the logo size and location, so be sure to think it through with your business goals in mind.
  3. Colours – are you planning on separating your various departments by colour? For instance, IT in blue and HR in purple? If this is something you are interested in applying to your business, ensure the colours you choose work cohesively with your logo and remember that some colours are easier to wash than others.
  4. Fabric choice – what do you want or need the workwear to be made from? Are there specific regulations to the materials you are allowed to wear in your work environment? Depending on your industry, fabric choice plays a significant role in the functionality and durability of the uniforms.
  5. Budget – before the big spend, be sure to crunch some numbers and make accurate orders. Also, you may want to consider if you want extra stock on hand.

Finding the perfect fit doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, Welborne ensures all your needs are accounted for so you can feel comfortable, proud and look your best. Simply visit us online or contact us to learn more about our corporate wear in Brisbane.

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