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Why should companies on the Gold Coast brand their company uniforms?

Marketing is all about being in the mind of the customer when they are ready to order your products or services. One of the best ways to achieve this is to make your corporate image familiar and easily recognisable to your target market. However this is not always as easy as it sounds and one of the best ways to build brand recognition is through repeated subconscious exposure to your corporate image.

Uniform branding (company, logo, and colours) is a simple easy way to create a subconscious link between potential customers and your products or services. Therefore a well thought out corporate uniform is a cost effective dual service marketing tool, which all businesses should make as an investment.

Branding Options

There are a couple of things to consider when choosing how you are going to brand your uniform
Corporate style, does this branding option fit in with the company’s corporate style and branding?
Quality, is this uniform a long or short term option, and how long will the quality of the branding last?
does the cost of this branding option, fit within your company’s uniform budget?
Quantity, how many of each garment do your require and is this the best option for the number of garments? Above all our Gold Coast team is ready to help identify your requirements and provide you with best possible solution for your company.

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    Embroidery is the process where you logo is stitched onto the garment using different coloured threads. Embroidery pricing is determined by the size and the number of stitches that the logo requires.


    • Professional finish, most common form of corporate branding
    • Hard wearing and longer lasting
    • Colourfast and can be washed repeatedly without degradation of the image
    • Digitisation (setup cost) is a one off cost


    • Precise colour match to PMS is not always achievable, it depends on the thread colours available
    • Colour gradients are impossible with thread
    • Detailed logos may need to be simplified and small details adjusted
    • Expensive for very large logos


    Screen Printing

    Screen Printing process is the application of different coloured ink onto the garment, using a silk screen.  Each colour within the logo requires a separate screen and the ink must be given time to dry between each application of ink. The price of screen printing is determined by the size of the logo and the number of colours required.


    • Perfect for large designs
    • Ideal for limited colour logo’s
    • Great for high impact promotion or events
    • Cost effective for larger quantities
    • Precise colour match to your corporate image


    • Ink will crack with wear and repeated washing
    • Special care should be taken when washing
    • Repeat setup fees apply for each print run
    • Expensive for small print runs
    • Not environmentally friendly


    Digital Transfer

    Digital Transfer is a two-step printing process where your logo is transferred onto the garment using heat and pressure.  Digital transfer price is determined, by the size of the logo and the quantity required.


    • High quality digital reproduction of your logo
    • Great for logo’s with high detail and multiple colours
    • No limit to the number of colour
    • Good for shadows and graduating colours


    • Ink will crack with wear and repeated washing
    • Expensive for smaller quantities
    • Transfer film can be visible around the edges
    • The transfer image will have a plastic like shiny appearance
    • Care is required when washing the garment



    Is the new revolutionary process that produces a higher quality finish than the traditional digital transfers.  Price is determined by the size of the logo, however this can be more cost effective than traditional digital transfers.

    Advantages over traditional Digital Transfers

    • Brighter and more vibrant colours
    • Smoother gradient
    • Pixelsharp photographic images
    • Finer detail and weeding
    • Latest technology and developed to be more eco-friendly


    Dye Sublimation

    Dye Sublimation is the new eco-friendly technology of applying ink to white fabric that allows for coverage of the entire garment. Once printed, the garments are cut and sewn together. Dye-Sublimation can be a lower cost garment, depending on the number of units required.


    • Cost effective
    • Process is environmentally friendly
    • High impact, as you can decorate the entire garment (front, back, sleeves, collar)
    • Permanent full colour digital design
    • No special washing instructions
    • Easy care, ironing not required
    • Fade resistant


    • Garments are 100% polyester
    • Is a custom make and cannot be applied to ready-made garments
    • Higher minimum quantities
    • Longer lead times
    • Prices are higher than digital transfers

    As you can see there are many ways to create a corporate uniform that delivers a strong branding message to your customers. The team at Welborne Corporate Image understands that sometimes this is a daunting process and we are here to help guide you through the uniform process near Gold Coast, to ensure your new corporate uniform is not only functional but also looks the part.

    If you are looking for a new uniform, or just looking to refresh your image, contact the team today to help guide you through the process.

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