What To Consider When Choosing Hospitality Staff Uniforms

What To Consider When Choosing Hospitality Staff Uniforms

Hospitality uniforms for staff form an integral part of the overall process as they help to not only show who staff are but also present the business suffering in an entirely professional way. The clean-cut designs of these clothing selections make them perfect for ideally suiting staff the brand image they are representing. When dealing with hotels or resorts, or any other industry, these clothing ranges can facilitate a number of functions. From protection and PPE in certain cases from protecting staff from potential hazards to a corporate-looking dress code to create a professional image for the business when welcoming clients, there are a number of applications for a stylish corporate clothing set. A well-designed dress range can help hotels make the best first impression, and the material chosen will impact staff with a comfortable fit and appropriate design to accommodate all of an employee’s responsibilities. Read on to see the top tips when choosing these options.

Practical And Durable 

If there are two things that a hotel staff outfit needs to be, it’s practical and durable. A set of clothing that is restrictive or impractical may lower productivity and diminish the safety of staff at work. For example, if housekeeping staff wear footwear with a lack of slip resistance, then they might not be comfortable or safe working on wet surfaces. Their gloves could restrict movement and dexterity, or their uniform option could mean they cannot move in certain ways or be comfortable.

Appropriate Cover And Protection 

As in any work environment, there are potential hazards around every corner in a hotel. Understanding what in your space could be harmful or hazardous and ensuring employees are correctly equipped is integral to the smooth running of the business. Whether cleaning, cooking or dealing with any number of tasks, these clothing sets must encompass elements for protection when working with solvents, machines, unsanitary environments or increased temperatures.


When wearing clothes for eight to ten hours a day they need to be comfortable and breathable in order to remain in a good condition and allow for maintained productivity of employees. When you have the right outfit options, your teams can work throughout the day without issues. Whereas less than ideal fabrics and designs will cause irritation and make certain tasks a chore. Especially in hotter weather, lower grad items can also cause overheating and be more susceptible to wear over a short time.

When you need high-grade hospitality staff uniforms you need to get in touch with the professionals you can trust to deliver beautiful clothing ranges. Contact us today to find out more about our services!

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